Mom Wants You to Know She’s Judging You for Using Kids Clubs While on Vacation

If you’ve ever gone on vacation somewhere that has a kids club, chances are you’ve probably taken advantage of said kids club. After all, we work hard for our money and it’s our vacation too, right? So why not enjoy a little actual ‘vacation’ time without kids while on vacation?

Maybe you’re not a fan of kids clubs because maybe your child doesn’t like them or you just don’t see the need to use them. Either way, I’m sure you’re perfectly happy to let those who do enjoy them use them judgement free, right?

Unless you’re the author of one particular blog who felt the need to let every parent who uses kids clubs while on vacation know that she’s judging the hell out of you for actually taking the time to enjoy your hard earned time away.

kids club
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Do You Use Kids Clubs?

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