Mom Uses Toddler Son to Recreate Model Brother’s Poses and It’s Hilarious

It’s safe to say no one likes internet trolls, unless the trolls are trolling their siblings, and then it’s hilarious. There’s nothing funnier than watching siblings roast each other online, as long as it’s all in good fun.

Aristotle Polites is a model and lifestyle coach who has an impressive looking Instagram page. Seriously, check it out for a few minutes and your day will immediately start looking better.

Aristotle features a lot of shirtless muscle-y pics and swoon-y, smizing model pics on his page which I think are pretty typical for any genetically blessed model type.

Aristotle has an older sister named Katina Behm who has an adorable toddler named Augie. After snapping a picture of her toddler son one day, Behm thought it would be funny if she could find a similar picture of her little brother in his modelling shots.

Behm told the Huffington Post that she found a picture on Polites’s Instagram page and created her own side by side shot of her brother and her son. She sent the side by side comparison pic to her family with a ‘Who Wore it Better’ headline, and everyone loved it.

She decided to create her very own Instagram page featuring shots of her toddler dressed like her model brother and the results are hilarious and adorable.

comparison pictures
Credit: Instagram / @babyandthebody

The pictures are everything

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