Why This Mom Is OK With Underage Drinking In Her Home

She says she's teaching her kids to drink in moderation

If you ask me, underage drinking has been a problem for as long as anyone can remember. Kids can’t wait to get their first taste of alcohol. When many are finally able to drink, they sometimes go overboard.

I’m a Canadian living in the United States and I admit that the US drinking age of 21 somewhat baffles me. I do think that’s quite old and only creates more and more underage drinking. If kids can go off to college you can almost bet they’re going to be drinking alcohol.

In Canada the drinking age ranges from 18 in some provinces to 19 in others. You definitely still have kids underage drinking and kids drinking to excess even when they’re legal, but if we’re legally declaring someone an adult I think they should be able to enjoy a beer.

Many people often allow their children to drink in their own homes even if they’re underage drinking. Many assume that once a child hits their late teens and even twenty they can drink alcohol at home with friends and family, even if they’re not legally able to in a bar.

On UK mom has recently defended her decision to allow underage drinking in her home. She claims she allows her children to begin consuming alcohol as young as 13 years old. Surprisingly, people are split on how they feel about it.

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