Why This Mom Wanted Her Toddler Fully Involved In Her Labor

That's one involved big sister!

Having a baby is a big deal. Having a baby when you have a toddler is tricky. After all, you’re trying so hard to prepare for the birth of your new baby, but you still have someone who relies on you for everything to take care of.

Moms have to ensure that their toddler is well cared for while they’re in labor. They also have to make sure the toddler is fully involved and excited about having a new sibling.

It can be hard to navigate the sibling waters. We want our older children to be just as excited for the new baby as we are. People who have multiple children know this isn’t always the case. There’s nothing worse than trying to bond with your new baby when you have a jealous toddler on your hands.

The only thing worse is actually having to deal with a jealous older sibling. Especially when you just want them to love your newborn as much as you do.

This is the exact reason why one mom decided to get her toddler fully involved in her labor. Not only was the toddler present to see her younger brother be born, she was actually pretty hands on in the entire labor!

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