Mom Time: Lemongrass Citrus Body Wash

Now that I’m a mommy, Cheryl time no longer is priority and showering is the only “me” time I can grab once everyone is asleep.  I cherish this moment as I have time to reflect upon my day, and honestly, just having this quiet time, alone, just me is divine!

Hot and long showers are ideal and my Lemongrass Citrus Body Wash by Indie Lee makes me feel like I just showered in an Orange orchard. I was so happy that they gave me these yummy treats to try! The smell is exquisite and my skin feels smooth and tender. My senses are in overtime as the mixture of citrus and lemongrass entices my body into tranquility. While steam fills the shower I add four drops of Indie Lee’s Facial Oil to my neck and face and a few drops of their Body oil to my entire body. The warming oil replenishes my skin making it feel like silk.

$22 to $28 at

What a great way to end the day by honoring myself for being the best I can be to my family and children.



Cheryl Moana Marie

Recording Artist & Songwriter Cheryl Moana Marie has been heating up sound waves around the world with her record, "Reach Higher" that has airplay on radio stations in Albania, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia, Croatia, and Spain. She wrote, performed, produced and distributed the entire album under her Kauaiian Girl Record Label. A member of ASCAP, this sultry Hawaiian songstress has immersed herself in music since the age of five. Her journey has included being an Oakland Raiderette, On-Air Host for STARZ Movie Channel and Miss Asia USA. She’s done modeling campaigns and national commercials for some of the county’s most recognizable companies.  

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