Moms Are Lying to Their Doctors About How Stressed They Feel, and It’s Not Okay

If there are two things that keep me from being a great mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend, it’s stress and anxiety. I’d lie to you if I told you that I didn’t feel stressed about my work load, household responsibilities or my daily life on any given day. I always feel as though I need a 25th hour in the day to get everything on my to-do list done. And it gives me a lot of anxiety knowing that I’m falling behind both professionally and personally.

And it looks like I’m not alone with my frustrations. In fact, there’s a new report that says many moms lie to their doctors about their true feelings. Is it because we want to pretend that we’re capable of managing it all? Or do we have a problem admitting the truth about our shortcomings?

stressed mother
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Moms are stressed out and it’s negatively affecting their health.

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