Mom Spends $25K on Her Son’s Dubai-Themed Prom Send-Off and There Was Even a Camel!

I have to admit that when I first spotted this story I thought it was fun – very over-the-top, but fun nevertheless. I got the main thrust of the article from the headline. Mom spends $25,000 on her son’s high school prom send-off, bringing Dubai to her Philadelphia neighborhood. There were 3 tons of sand, three posh cars, three dates and even a camel. One word sprang to mind: Extra.

On the surface it sounded like an overexcited mom was spoiling her kid. But when you dig a little deeper, Saudia Shuler (the woman in question) had a very good reason for throwing her son such an elaborate bash.

Saudia Shuler posing
Credit: Instagram / @jedenjr

Why did this mother spend $25,000 throwing her son a Dubai-themed prom send-off?

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