Mom Slams ‘Appalling’ Parenting Magazine Article For Body Shaming Girls

This is pretty ridiculous

When you think about parenting, there are so many different style and people that trying to come up with advice for everyone as a hole isn’t easy. Parenting magazines have to do it all the time and sometimes they hit with advice parents really need — and sometimes not. Well, one magazine didn’t at all hit that mark and as a result a mom slams magazine article that she says is not appropriate.

I belong to a few different parenting community groups on Facebook, and one of the subjects that’s asked about the most is personal hygiene and personal care issues for both boys and girls.

Many parents often ask about when to introduce deodorant and when to let their daughters start to shave their legs or pluck their eyebrows. Most recently a mom on one of the boards I belong to asked about when it was the right time to let her son start shaving. He is 11 years old but she said he has a pretty significant little mustache on his top lip, and she wanted to know if there was a ‘right time’ to introduce her son to a razor.

Most people responded that there’s never a ‘right time’ to start shaving, and that every kid is different but if it’s bothering him and he wants to start, people thought that was the best indicator when the right time would be. The same goes for a girl shaving her legs. When I was a kid it seemed like some ‘taboo’ subject which lead to me and many of my friends dry shaving our legs for the first time because our moms would never teach us.

While there’s no ‘right time’ to introduce personal grooming habits, one woman did take exception to a popular parenting magazine suggesting that both plucking and waxing were acceptable means to deal with hair on your preschoolers upper lip!

One mom took to social media and the mom slams magazine so hard people are taking notice.

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