Mom Shares Genius Hack to Help Babies Take Medicine

It’s been a while since I’ve had a baby or toddler in the house, but I still remember the struggles I would have to get them to take medicine and actually keep it down!

I remember trying to use those little syringes that come with many infant medicines and trying to wedge it in the side of my kids’ mouths, then slowly, so very slowly, depress the syringe so they’d get a little bit of medicine at a time.

Without a doubt, when I thought I had successfully given them their dosage I’d then see a line of the medicine trickle out of the side of their mouths, and I never knew how much they’d actually gotten. You can’t re-dose them either, so I would just hope they got enough!

I have to assume that moms with babies are still struggling to give their babies medicine, which is why this one mom’s genius hack is something every parent should see.

The only thing worse than having a sick baby or toddler is trying to give that sick baby or toddler medicine, especially if they’re super tired and cranky and want nothing to do with you.

baby getting medicine
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Have you tried this?

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