Mom Shamed At Target Because Her Child Was Eating A Sandwich While Shopping

Did she really commit a crime here?

Mom shamed for letting her child eat a peanut butter sandwich while shopping at Target. For a lot of us, that’s really no big deal, right? At least we treat it as no big deal.

But for others, it really is, especially if you have a child or a family member who is living with a life-threatening peanut butter allergy.

One mom learned the hard way when she apparently allowed her toddler daughter to eat a peanut butter sandwich while she was making her rounds through the aisles of Target. She was approached by another mother who – for a lack of a better term – gave her a piece of her mind.

Now the mother in question wants to know if she was in the wrong for allowing her 4-year-old daughter to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at Target was criticized for her obnoxious move.

Yikes. Talk about a new mommy war brewing here. We’ve gone from natural birth to C-section to breastfeeding to bottle-feeding and now eating peanut butter in public.

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The mom posted her story on the Urban Baby Mom and as you can imagine, got plenty of interesting responses.

Mom shamed for peanut butter sandwich at Target!

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