Mom Goes To Prison After Son Dies From Strep Throat Because She Didn’t Take Him To The Doctor

If only she had just taken him to the doctor

Just recently I was having a conversation with some other moms at one of my son’s extracurricular activities. Myself and another mother were very much ‘medicine’ moms. I’ll admit, if any of my kids complains of any sort of malady from a sore throat to a headache to muscle pain, I give them Advil. I’m not crazy and I don’t dose them everyday, but I definitely rely on medicine to help treat their ailments. When it’s something more serious, like strep throat, I try do my best to keep my eye out for that and take them to the doctor when it’s needed.

Another of the moms we were talking to said she was the exact opposite. She prefers to rub lavender under their feet and have them massage their pressure points and try to use natural remedies first, before she resorts to medicine, which obviously works for her. I have total faith that if her children were seriously ill she would have no issues bringing them to a doctor and giving them prescribed medicine if their illness necessitated it.

Most parents can find the balance between wanting to be as natural as possible with their kids but taking them to the doctor when the need arises, while unfortunately others do not.

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A Canadian woman is now facing three years behind bars and a lifetime of guilt after being sentenced to prison in the death of her son, who died after getting strep throat.

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