Mom Sends Warning to Others After Daughter’s ‘Freak Accident’ on Playground

My children absolutely love hanging out at a small little playground (or ‘tot lot’ as some like to call it) near our house. The problem is, they are usually the only kids playing outdoors. For some reason that I can’t seem to figure out, there are very few kids that actually play outside in our neighborhood. Actually, half the reason is probably because most kids are playing indoors with their electronic devices these days and the other half are at after school extended day programs.

Despite the fact that our little tot lot might be lonely at times, I still encourage them to play as much as possible as they will only be this young and energetic for so long. But for one mother, her daughter’s recent playground experience almost turned deadly.

playground injury
Credit: Facebook/Gail Oster

And now she’s warning parents to always be careful and to watch their children, no matter where they are.

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