Mom Ruins Her Son’s ‘Netflix And Chill,’ He Lashes Out Be Screaming ‘I Was So Close!’


OMG! This is absolutely hilarious and quite disturbing at the same time. Even when I was a teenager, I NEVER talked about being “this close” to having sex or being as openly descriptive as the teenage boy in this clip. Apparently, he is pretty upset with his mother for her RUINING his “Netflix and Chill” session with his girlfriend. Apparently, she walked in on him right before he was about to get down and dirty with his teenaged girlfriend IN THE LIVING ROOM.

When mom asks, “What were you about to do with her?” her son replies with, “She was about to blow my d*#*!” Mom then (and appropriately so) sends her son to his room to put his pajamas on and call it a night. I mean seriously, do kids really talk to their parents this way these days?!?! OH DEAR!

Take a look at the clip below and let us know what you think.

Source via YouTube

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