Mom Reveals The Honest Truth About ‘Parent Sex’ In A Viral Facebook Post


Remember that time before you had kids when you could have sex anytime you wanted to?

It could be 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon (the prime time for having an orgasm!) and all you had to do is make eyes at your significant other and you were treated to an afternoon delight in your bedroom.

Or hell, you didn’t even have to make it to the bedroom if you didn’t want, because no one else lived in your house but the two of you!

That all changes once you have kids, as we all know. Between the exhaustion of just being a parent to the complete and utter lack of privacy that comes with having kids, sex is definitely different as a parent than it was when we didn’t have kids.

One mom from Perth, Australia recently wrote a facebook post that lets us all know that we’re not alone, and it’s every parent who has the same struggles with sex after kids.

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