Mom Of Quadruplets Called ‘Disgusting’ For Sharing Photo Of Her Stretch Marks

“Gross. That’s why you don’t have 4 kids when you’re that young.”

Pregnancy is quite the ride. And there is no denying that the ride changes you. It turns your outlook on the world, yourself, and your body. You get to take your body to places it’s never been and often that can lead to a deeper love and appreciation. You grew a person. I mean, I know we’re designed to do that, but if you think about it, it’s pretty wild. For so many women, pregnancy and growing a child brings changes to your body as well. Some of us get stretch marks, some get dimples, varicose veins, a little extra weight. It’s natural, normal, expected, and beautiful.

Some women see these marks as a representation of where they have been and all their body did. Others struggle to accept these changes and see the beauty in them. Both reactions are “normal” and both are real and honest. But one thing that should never be done when it comes to the changes a mother goes through during pregnancy…

You should never shame a mother for these changes.

Like seriously, ever. We all carry babies differently. We should never compare what we have to someone else or wonder why their body did *this* while ours did *that*. And we certainly should never let another woman feel less than because of these changes.

Unfortunately, one mom, Doreen Ching, has felt the brunt of people who feel it is OK to shame her body. Her body is a baddass who carried four babies.


Oh, at the same time.

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Devan McGuinness

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