Mom Overly Affectionate With Daughter to Let Others Know Her Skin Disease Isn’t Contagious

Most of us like to show affection to our children regardless of whether we’re in public or private. A sweet kiss or holding our child’s hand, a tender hug or simply cuddling on a park bench is nothing out of the ordinary for a parent and child, but Arizon mom Ashley Nagy goes above and beyond to be overtly affectionate with her 19 month old daughter Charlie to prove a point.

Charlie has a severe case of psoriasis and when her skin flares up many people point and stare become afraid to let their children play with her because they assume she’s contagious.

Ashley is doing what she can to educate others that her daughter’s skin disease isn’t catching and no one should be afraid of her.

baby with psoriasis
Credit: Screenshot / Caters News

Doctors say it’s rare to see such a severe case so young!

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