This Mom Taking A Nap At Her Kid’s Soccer Game Is Our Hero

Moms Have Got to Sleep Sometime, Right?

It just never ends: the weeks are filled with work and school and wakeups and bedtimes. Meals and baths and homework and somewhere in there, a little fun. And then weekends are packed to the gills with games and practices and birthday parties. There is no rest for weary, and every single mom I know is WEARY to the bone. Myself included! So when author and motivational speaker Glennon Doyle posted a picture of a mom napping on the sidelines of her kid’s soccer game, other moms could relate 100%.

Usually, a post like this would garner comment after comment of mommy-shaming. But for whatever reason, this one struck the right chord with people. Maybe because we’ve all been there? Or maybe because we WISH we could be her? Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but I also really love naps. And I don’t get nearly enough of those. But Glennon knows the struggle all too well, so maybe she sensed that no one would be judging this tired mama. Maybe she just knew that this mom napping in broad daylight on a public soccer field would be the mom to bring us all together.

Or maybe she knew that a lot of moms needed to see and hear that it’s OK to rest when you’re tired!

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