Mom Nails the Nightmare of Shopping When You Have a ‘Mom Pooch’

Do you enjoy shopping? And by shopping, I mean hitting the mall or TJ Maxx or even Target, selecting clothes in what you think should be your size, then heading to the change room while some well meaning sales person stands outside the door asking you loud enough for everyone else to hear if you need another size.

And no matter how low you try to keep your voice when you’re asking for a bigger size, the sales person always seems to be able to return with the new item and announce the size loudly so everyone around you can hear.

Maybe this is just my personal experience, but I hate it. I hate going to stores that have those tiny change rooms in the middle where everyone can see you and I hate when sales people ask me to come out so ‘they can see.’ No thanks, I’m a grown woman and I know if something is too small, or too big on me.

After I had kids my body changed and things just fit me differently, so shopping can get frustrating, especially when you just want to hit one store and be done.

One mom recently posted about how much she hates shopping and the entire ‘fitting room experience’ and her post is going viral because so many of us can relate!

fitting room
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Can you relate?

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