Mom Makes Perfect Argument for Formula Feeding and Shuts Down Sanctimommies

By now you’d think the ‘breast vs bottle’ debate would be long over with, since it seems we’ve been debating it forever . My oldest is 15 now and I remember it the formula shaming that happened when she was born, and how women were beating themselves up over supplementing with formula.

Seems some things never change. All you have to do is look at the comments on any breast or bottle post on this page to see the judgy mommas still preaching that ‘breast is best’ and women who don’t breastfeed should feel all the shame.

One mom of three recently took to Facebook to let all mom’s – even the formula feeding ones – know that what ever they’re doing, they’re doing just great, which is something every mother needs to hear once and a while.

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Fed really is best

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