Mom Lost 100 Pounds And Is Documenting Her Surgery In Brutally Honest Media Posts

It wasn't an easy journey.

“I Lost 100 pounds.” Could you imagine saying that? It’s certainly a huge accomplishment and a task that not a lot of people can take. Not only are you changing your lifestyle around, but you are transforming who you are, both from the inside and out. It’s not easy and I give loads and loads of credit to the people who accomplish their goals and get it done.

But for one mother-of-four from Oklahoma, her weight loss is more than just personal. Sarah Rosemeyer, a 31-year-old military wife, underwent a lower body life and breast lift and augmentation in October. As a result from her surgery, she went from a whopping 225 pounds to 166 pounds in just 12 months thanks to a lot of running, a nutritionist and a therapist who helped her along the way. Sarah wanted to turn her life around after she attempted suicide just before her 30th birthday.

But as you can imagine, her weight loss journey wasn’t an easy one. And now Sarah is documenting her skin removal surgery in a series of honest social media posts that quite frankly, no one has ever seen before. You’ve got to see this.

Sarah is the biggest winner and the biggest loser. Here’s why.

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