Mom Is Getting a Lot of Heat Over How She Tricks Her Baby to Go to Sleep

I was the kind of mom who used to put a mirror in front of my baby while he was sleeping just to make sure that he was still breathing in his crib. Yes, I was that paranoid. And yes, I was that young and inexperienced in parenting as well. Still, my baby’s safety was incredibly important to me and as a mother, I would never ever do anything to jeopardize his safety. I’m sure a lot of parents out there feel the same.

That’s why the Internet has something to say about this mother and the way she tricks her baby to go to sleep. I mean, getting your newborn to fall asleep is not easy, and we all know that. But a lot of people are calling out this mother by calling her monumentally stupid for doing this to her child.

baby covered with blanket in a stroller
Credit: Shutterstock

Is this mother guilty for putting her child in danger?

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