Mom Illustrates What It’s Really Like to Have Kids in 10 Honest Comics

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There are so many things about parenthood that you don’t really understand until you’re in it. You can read any and all parenting books out there before you’re expecting, for the whole time you’re gestating and continue. Still you’ll have near zero idea what to do.

Why? Because realistically you can’t fit everything you need to know and every variable into a book. Each child is different. Each relationship is different. And that can lead to a whole lot of unique situations.

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But, there are also a lot of things that you can expect when you become a parent. Like being puked on, having to struggle with big decisions that you’re not sure there really is a right idea and so many similar stresses.

One of the only things that can help us get through those hard times is that you know you’re not alone. While yes there are so many variables when it comes to raising kids, there are so many similarities and it’s fun to make fun of those. Because laughter gets us through.

One artist, Nathalie Jomard has turned those common parenting situations into super relatable comics. Not only are you getting that commodore of people who know what you’re going through, but you get a good chuckle, too.

These are adorable and chances are you’ll scroll through and go YEP, me too a few times.

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