Mom Goes Viral After Sharing Why She Refuses to Tell Her Teen Girls to Dress Modestly

We all want what’s best for our kids and in doing so, we must make sure that they walk out the door everyday with the best understanding of the world around them – and how the world perceives us based on what we put out there. This is especially important whenever you have a daughter because the way she can easily perceive herself as something that she’s not, all by the way she dresses. Being the parent of a daughter, I think about this often and the message I want to send to my little girl, but I might want to take a page from this mom’s book.

Jessica and Jeremy Martin-Weber, parents of six daughters and another baby due this fall refuse to teach their goals about dressing modestly – here’s why.

martin-weber family
Credit: Facebook / @beyondmoi

See the message that these parents are teaching their six daughters about the way they dress!

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