Mom Gives Heartbreaking Advice After She and Son Are Diagnosed With Brain Cancer Months Apart

The “C” word is one that we all fear. We all know someone who has had battled cancer.

Having beaten cancer eight years ago, mom-of-two Sara Chivers thought she was in the clear.

But her world came crashing down again when she was diagnosed with brain cancer in March. This time, the cancer was terminal.

Sara seemed healthy and was training for a half marathon in 2008 when she had a seizure and was diagnosed.

She had three tumours, they were inoperable and they were incurable. “It’s just devastation and a lot of grief,” Sara said. “But also wanting to make the most of the time that we have.”

Two of Sara’s tumors had shrunk from treatments she’d been receiving – three rounds of chemotherapy and other treatment. But the third tumor had grown exponentially, which paralyzed Sara’s right arm and leg. But it also made surgery possible.

In late October, she had an operation to shrink the large tumour in the hope it would give her more mobility and more time.

But it was about to get even worse for the Australia-based mom.

Four weeks ago, Chivers and her husband, Leigh, received more devastating news – their 18-month-old son Alfie also had inoperable brain cancer.

Credit: GoFundMe / Sara & Alfie’s Brain Cancer Battle

A completely different type, but also malignant, aggressive and terminal.

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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