Mom Gets Only 4 Years After Putting Alcohol in Son’s Feeding Tube

13-year-old Isaac was born with a brain abnormality that meant he needed around-the-clock care.

Isaac was blind, had no ears, a cleft palate, and developmental delays in terms of walking and talking, and needed at least 80 hours of care-taking every week.

Isaac needed a feeding tube to survive, supplying him with a diet of a pediatric nutritional drink, baby formula, water and vitamins.

Isaac had a rough night in August 2014, so his mother Melissa Robitille and her boyfriend Walter Richters added vodka in his feeding tube to keep him quiet because he was being fussy, according to prosecutors.

On the morning of August 22, Robitille called the police to report that she had found Isaac unresponsive in his bed.

Isaac’s brain abnormality was listed as the cause of death by the Vermont Medical Examiner, while alcohol was listed as a ‘contributing’ factor.

An autopsy found his blood alcohol content was 0.146 percent, about twice the legal limit for driving.

Credit: Facebook/ News7/NewsLINC – Lyndon State College

Isaac’s tragic death was ruled a homicide.

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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