Mom Gets Honest About Parenting With Anxiety and Depression

I’m sure plenty of us have seen other moms who look like they have their sh*t together. Their kids are always well-behaved, they never embarrass their parents in public and they say their please and thank you’s. Someone must be doing one hell of a job raising those perfect kids, right? And you think to yourself, how come life isn’t working out so perfectly for me? What secret formula are they using in their lives that I could maybe adapt to my own? Or rather, what’s this secret to perfect parenting?

And that’s exactly how it is for mother-of-two Cierra Fortner. Just like all of those moms that you see at the school functions and Boy Scout meetings, she might look like she has it together, but in all honesty, she doesn’t. At least that’s what she believes.

Cierra Lyn Fortner holding her baby
Credit: Facebook / Cierra Lyn Fortner

And her raw honesty about her depression and anxiety is just another reminder that we can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

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