Mom Forgives Her Boy For ‘Brutally’ Killing His Baby Sister As ‘Payback’


There is so much to unpack in this story it’s heartbreaking. As parents, we love our children equally and want to be able to provide for them and keep them safe. It’s devastating to have to think about losing any of our children. The grief that follows is like an unending pit in your stomach. It’s complicated, life long, messy, painful. If your child gets sick a dies, there’s an overwhelming feeling if helplessness wishing you could have taken away the pain or have done something for them. If a child passes away from an accident, there might be some guilt and confusion wondering how or if it could have been different. But for Charity Lee, the death of her daughter was even more complicated.

Charity Lee was working as as waitress on Super Bowl Sunday in 2007 when the unthinkable happened. Police arrived at her restaurant and gave her the devastating news that her little girl, Ella, had died. According to Lee, an officer sat her down and explained that something had happened to her 4-year-old-daughter. She screamed at the officer, asking to be taken to her child when she was told “Ella has been killed.”

When she asked where her older child was, 13-year-old Paris, Charity Lee never expected to hear what came next.

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