Mom Flies Across The Country Because Her Daughter Said Her Head Hurt

Before you judge, here’s what actually happened.

Mom flies half way across the country simply because her daughter’s head hurt. I mean, this doesn’t surprise us, now does it? As parents, I’m sure that a lot of us would agree that we would basically do just about anything for our kids at anytime. As a parent, you constantly worry about your child’s safety, health and happiness and would even go as far as to lose sleep over it. And I’m sure many of us had.

But would you buy a ticket and jump on a plane to help your daughter simply because her head hurt? That’s what a lot of people are asking this morning, as this one mom did exactly that.

Grace Li is a 22-year-old biology teacher who lives in New York City. Her mother, Shixia Huang, is a cancer researcher who lives in Texas. Last week her mother told her over the phone that she wasn’t feeling very well.

I’m sure that a lot of moms in Shixia’s position would probably tell their daughter to either suck it up or take some Advil for their headache, right? But not this mom. She did something that a lot of other moms wouldn’t imagine doing. This story will tug at your heartstrings.

Here’s what happened.

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