Mom Does Hilarious Impressions Of ‘If Adults Acted Like Toddlers’

If you’re the parent of a busy toddler, your day is pretty much exhausting. At this age, they aren’t only into everything they can possibly get their hands on (especially if it’s something they shouldn’t be into), but they’ve got strong opinions about it. Yup, toddlers give parents all over the world a run for their money every single day.

Luckily, this vlogger just made an awesome video about the challenges of toddler-hood – from an adults perspective. So if you have any friends without kids who question why exactly your tired all the time, just send them this link and it will put everything into perspective.

mom acts like toddler
Credit: Facebook / Kristina Kuzmic

Watch this mom’s hilarious impression of toddlers!

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Allison Cooper

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