Mom Discovered Her Son’s Potty-Training Bathroom ‘Hack,’ and It’s Hilarious and Disgusting

I make it no secret that I’m the kind of mother that expects my children to ALWAYS clean up after themselves, keep their room tidy and most importantly, take pride in their belongings. I just can’t tolerate a messy, dirty, filthy home and expect everyone in my family to pull in their weight when it comes to taking care of their personal four corners. There’s just no way around it. I want my kids to always pick up their clothes, dust their furniture and always make sure that their beds are made before leaving for school. I won’t even allow room for excuses or further discussion.

With that being said, I still discover crackers and chips underneath their bed from time to time, their school uniform stuck somewhere between their bed and the wall and dirty shoes with who-knows-what stuck on the bottom. But for one mother from England, she found something even worse in her toddler’s room. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty surprised that she didn’t notice this ahead of time, as not only is it completely foul and smelly, but stomach-churning and disgusting. Trust me when I saw that you won’t believe this when you hear this.

Credit: Giphy

This 3-year-old toddler was caught doing THIS disgusting act in his room.

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