This ‘Bubble’ in Baby’s Ultrasound Is Really Scary

I’m sure every mother knows that exciting feeling you get when you see your baby during your ultrasound visit for the very first time. Some of us want to know the sex of our baby right away while others want to make it a surprise. When I was pregnant with my son, I swore that I saw my husband’s profile in his tiny little face — and I was right because our now 6-year-old son looks so much like his father. Even though your baby is still cooking in your oven, you feel this great connection and love knowing that you’ll meet him or her in the coming weeks.

But for some mothers, their ultrasound visits can bring quite a few unexpected surprises — just ask Miami mother Tammy Gonzalez. She thought it was rather strange when she saw what appeared to be a giant bubble coming out of her baby’s mouth. When her doctors discovered what that bubble really was, she was shocked and utterly devastated.

Credit: UHealth / Miami

If you spot a bubble in your ultrasound, this is what you need to do!

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