Mom Defends Her Decision To Allow Toddler To Dye Her Hair And Wear Make-Up

To each their own?

People have been debating the ‘rules of parenting’ since people became parents but it seems in recent years that personal choices have come under a lot of scrutiny. With the popularity of social media we’ve also seen the rise in internet trolls, sanctimommies, mommy shamers and any other label you want to give to people who openly criticize another’s way of parenting.

Mothers (funny, not many dads are criticized for their parenting choices) are critiqued for how they feed their baby, how they put their baby to sleep, how they dress their baby, how they diaper their baby – the list is endless. Then as kids get older people feel they are entitled to comment on how perfect strangers raise their kids.

They comment on bed times and behaviour and manners and literally anything they can find to comment on. Personal expression is one topic that everyone ranging from family members to friends to perfect strangers feel entitled to comment on. Whether your son wants to wear dresses or your daughter wants to wear makeup, people will have something to say about it.

Amy Lyn is a 25-year-old mother to a 2-year-old daughter named BellaMae and she doesn’t care what people think about allowing her daughter to dye her hair, wear makeup and experiment with temporary tattoos.

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