Three-Year-Old Claimed to Remember His Past Life, so Mom Found Proof

Many of us joke that kids say the darndest things and that’s mostly because it’s true– kids can be really weird. My kids have said some creepy things about death and ghosts and statues talking to them that have been downright creepy.

But usually I just laugh those kid comments off. One mom, however, isn’t exactly laughing about her sons comments. Instead, she sees them as proof that she and her son were once connected in a past life.

Cathy Byrd and her son
Credit: Facebook/Cathy Bryd

See her “proof” for yourself!

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Chaunie Brusie

Chaunie Brusie is a freelance writer, former magazine editor, author, mom of four, and a registered nurse with experience in OB, long-term and step-down care.

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