A New Poll Reveals Most Moms Would Rather Be ~This~ Than “Skinny”

Skinny shouldn't be the end goal after having a baby

    As soon as you give birth, it feels like the conversation immediately shifts to your post baby mom body. People are expecting women to get back to their “normal” body in record time. Women barely have time to recover from the immense changes they’ve gone through! First of all, it takes nine months for your body to grow a baby. There is no way that it will go back in eight weeks. But a new study by Planet Fitness shows that moms would rather be “strong” than “skinny.” To that, all I can say is hallelujah! This is what we should be saying!

    After surveying over 2,000 people, the study discovered that 76 percent of moms felt this way. In addition to that, 79 percent of those moms claim that they feel stronger after having a baby. Carrying a child is proof of the miraculous things that your body can do. It stretches in ways that are unimaginable until you see it happening. Then you are likely awed by it.

    No matter how you end up giving birth, you now know what your mom body is capable of. So why would you be in a rush to try and act like those changes never happened? “Bouncing back” is a myth. You may get your body to “look” the same, but it is definitely not the same.

    “Strong is the new skinny”

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