Mom Blogger Slams ‘Grammar Police’ for Pointing Out Her Mistakes

Do you ever post something on social media, and realize afterwards that you made a spelling mistake? Even worse, a grammar error?

The grammar police come out in full force, you know!

As a writer, I’m conscious of making sure that what I write is correct grammatically and there are no spelling errors. Because I write, I tend to notice mistakes in other people’s writing, and it’s rampant on social media.

You’re or your, their, they’re or there… the list goes on and on!

But would I call someone out on it? No.

blogger claps back at judgey daycare note
Credit: Facebook / Constance Hall

Would you call someone out on a spelling mistake?

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Maria Lianos Carbone

Maria Lianos-Carbone is owner of, a leading lifestyle blog for women. Her first book, "Oh Baby! A Mom's Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year" will be published Spring 2018. Follow Maria on Instagram @amotherworld.

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