Mom Arrested After Filming Her Child Eating Spicy Food

And people are calling this child abuse.

    Mom arrested after she lets her toddler try wasabi for the very first time. Can you even believe that is a headline? Yet, that might happen if you allow your child to try wasabi, record it for the world to see, and worse, laugh at your toddler’s reaction. It’s no wonder so many people are calling this child abuse as it’s a clip that is very hard to watch.

    Now, I wouldn’t want to see a mom arrested for something like this. And I don’t want to call this child abuse either, as there are several different forms of child abuse out there and each one should be taken very seriously. But personally, I wouldn’t allow my children to try something that is definitely hot and too much for them to handle. As a mother, I know what their palate can take and what their limitations are. With that being said though, I would never make them try something that would be uncomfortable for them. It’s just not right. Plus, why go through the pain, the crying and the tears?

    And according to critics, what this mother did was wrong. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

    Is this child abuse?

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