Mom Arrested For Allegedly Using A Taser To Wake Up Her Son

Guess that's what happens when you sleep in...

    Kids are frustrating and one of the funniest things parents will tell you about it is that you will never be on time for anything again. You have so much to organize and even the best laid plans often go sideways. It’s not just when you have young kids when you are just seconds away from getting out the door when your child suddenly needs a diaper change. It’s also when your kids are teenagers and they just decide that they’re needing more sleep. They’re hard to wake up and even when you encourage them to go to sleep on time, it feels like you’d need a taser to wake them up.

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    But, as much as it feels like you need to go to that extreme, don’t do it. One mom found out the hard way that even though you are frustrated with your teenager you should never be this overzealous in waking up your child.

    According to news sources, one mom has been arrested after she tried to wake her son up for Easter service at church.

    He was not getting up and she took it to the extreme with a taser and that landed her in some big trouble.

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