Mom Buys Son a Vending Machine Toy and She Immediately Calls the Police When It Breaks Open

When you were a kid, did you buy candy from a bubble gum machine? I don’t remember how much a piece of gum or a few hard candies would cost back then – maybe 5 cents?

Fast forward to today, when gumball machines are still around. Now, they are fancier – they don’t just sell gum and candy, but you can also buy stickers, temporary tattoos and bouncy balls. Some vending machines at the shopping mall or community centers also sell hockey cards, and small toys.

One mother gave her son some change to buy a little trinket from a vending machine at a restaurant. But she never expected what would come out of it.

gumball machine
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A toy contains more than a squishy ball

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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