This Mom Admits She Needs Four Nannies For Her Two Kids

Is she really out of her mind?

As a mother, I will tell you that I definitely have my good days and my bad ones. The good ones are great. They go fast and oftentimes I don’t even think about them. But it’s my bad days that are hard to swallow. Whenever that mom guilt hits me (and it often does), I’ll carry it with me for several hours or in some cases, days.

But then again, you can’t always be a “yes” mom. As both the good cop and the bad cop (it’s no wonder I sometimes feel bipolar) it’s my job to lay down the law. I have to set rules and expect that my children will follow them, regardless of whether or not they like it.

But at the same time, I do sometimes wish I had a little extra help around the house. If there’s one person who knows what I am talking about, it’s this mom named Natalia. She recently revealed that she needs a total of four nannies to help her take care of her two children. And yes, you read that correctly. And no, we are not kidding here, either.

This mom is having a hard time keeping sane!

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