Mom Admits Beating Toddler To Death After He Wet The Bed

Heartbreaking. This makes me so mad.

It is hard to understand why there are people in the world who don’t do everything they can to protect their children. Doing what is in your power to protect them from harm and help guide them into growing to be as healthy as they can be and happy as possible. A mom is there to do just that and that’s why these stories of moms who do the opposite, and instead cause intentional harm to their baby bring so many people to tears.

A mom in South Dakota has plead guilty in the death of her 2-year-old son in 2016. Reports say that the mom beat him to death because he wet the bed and she says he have her a “sideways look.”

30-year-old Katrina Shangreaux entered an agreement with federal prosecutors and will admit to second-degree murder in the July 2016 killing of her son. She entered the plea agreement this week. When she was arrested, she faced several charges including first-degree murder.

Her son, Kylen Shangreaux, was killed in the early hours of July 28, 2016. According to reports, the mom came home drunk and on pain medication and found her son had wet the bed.

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