Mom Admits To Poisoning Her 7-Week-Old Baby On Purpose And Killing Him

She put her hand over his nose and mouth and stopped him breathing

Heartbreaking story of a little boy life was cut short  when his mother took away any chance he had. A little seven week old baby boy has died and his mom admits to being the one responsible for that. Hannah Turtle was charged with the death of her little boy, James. But, she refused to take responsibility in court–at first. But it seems she’s ready to admit to what she alleges she did and she plead guilty to being responsible for the death of her little boy.

And the details surrounding his death are heartbreaking. The little baby had been through so much in his very short life and it’s hard to really understand why. Hannah Turtle admits to murdering her seven-week-old baby son and putting him through pain that no one should ever place on anyone.

The 22-year-old mother from Shotton, North Wales says she heard voices telling her that she was a “bad mother” and that she didn’t deserve him. She admits that these voices she heard is what led her to killing her son.

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