Parents Are Forcing Their Kids To Drink Bleach To ‘Cure’ Autism

A Small Cult in the U.S. is Being Accused of Promoting the Dangerous 'Cure'

Well, this is absolutely horrifying. Police forces across Britain are investigating families who are using a dangerous compound to “cure” autism in their children. MMS, or miracle mineral supplement, is a solution is used as a bleaching agent when mixed with water. Desperate parents in the UK are flocking to secret Facebook groups to learn more about this faux cure, and they’re giving it to their kids in the hopes that it will cure them of autism or prevent them from “getting” autism.

The group behind this disgusting “cure” is Genesis II Church, and it operates right here in the U.S. They also claim that MMS can cure cancer, Parkinsons, and a host of other ailments. It’s basically a cult, led by former Scientologist Jim Humble. The website for MMS is full of “testimonials” from people who claim that Miracle Mineral Supplement has cured them of everything from malaria to breast cancer, and touts the “healing power of water” as the alternative cure-all for whatever ails you. And now, parents are feeding this dangerous chemical to their own kids.

The USDA has issued a warning about the product, and it is already banned in Canada…

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