Miss Fix-it – How To Do Everything

Miss Fix-it – How To Do Everything

Sandpaper lips. Hot. A body of all-over flakes. Touchable. Frizz hair resembling a high school science project involving a balloon. Sex-ee.

Winter…she is a cruel mistress. Dry sense of humor. Not only does she rob you of slimming clothing options (really, who looks thin in 14 layers of fabric and thick boots?…ok, Kate Hudson…but who else?), but she steals from you every drop of moisture you have.

Here are few quick fix-its for when your pout is pitiful, every day is bad hair day, and your skin…well, let’s just say the Sahara comes to mind.

Dry Lips: Come over here and lay a big wet one on me. Oh, wait. You can’t. Cuz your lips feel like a cat’s tongue. Purr-fect. But not to worry. Mix a little olive oil and sugar together into a thick paste, then rub it onto your lips in gentle circles for a minute (when I don’t feel like making it myself, I use Sara Happ’s. This will loosen dry flakes and hydrate your lips. Your toothbrush also works well for this.  Afterwards, slather on your favorite hydrating lip wax and balm. Another good tip is to wear bright, fun lipstick. You’ll be less likely to lick your lips. Fewer lip licks, not as dry lips.

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