Mind, Body, Beauty: Head-to-toe Transformation

Mind, Body, Beauty: Head-to-toe Transformation

By Catherine McCormack

Mind, Body, Beauty: Head-to-toe Transformation

Mind, body,beauty: head to toe transformation. Stuck in a cold-weather rut? We feel you. So we tracked down the best new beauty, body and brain tricks that will help you throw off the winter doldrums in a second. Get ready to dance, dream and put some much-needed spring back into your step.

Mind Makeovers

  • Practice self-absorption.
    This is the latest buzz term in popular psychology and an easy way to improve your wellbeing. “Mindsight is a kind of mindfulness — a focused attention that allows us to observe the internal workings of our own minds,” says Dr. Dan Siegel, a clinical professor of psychiatry and author of Mindsight. By consciously observing your own thoughts and feelings — and not reacting to them — you simultaneously develop the empathetic part of your brain that helps you feel calm and connected.
  • Boost your breath.
    Forget stretching! In your next yoga class, focus on your breath and reap instant rewards. “Students often say by learning how to focus on their breath in their yoga practice, they’re then able to bring that focus to their breath when they’re stressed or having trouble sleeping,” says Nikki Fulford of Yoga Studio in Bondi Junction, Sydney. “By bringing their mental focus to slow, deep breathing, they immediately feel more calm and relaxed.”

Body Blitz


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