Mimi Jumi the Miracle Bottle

Mimi Jumi is not just the sound that my little nine month old makes when he’s hungry, it’s the name of his bottle which we are so fortunate to have been given while attending the Beverly Hilton Celebrity Baby Gifting Event.  Three months into breastfeeding I had to leave for work and left my little one with his papa for a few days. Baby was not yet introduced to the bottle and we knew we had to do it soon or we would have one upset baby, a sleepless father, and one terribly worried mama. So we scrambled into our pantry where I stored all of the gifts we received from our Baby shower and the Baby event. 

Very Hungry Bottle: 240ml/8fl oz $15.00

While I pumped, dear papa unboxed our Mimi Jumi Bottle followed the cleaning instructions, in went the milk then directly into baby’s mouth. Now I was told by our pediatrician that it will take a few tries and possibly a few days up to a week before baby gets use to drinking out of his bottle. Well, I have to say, he took to the bottle immediately. The Mimi Jumi nipple is shaped like our breast so baby didn’t seem to notice the difference. When you’re hungry you eat, but for a baby that can be meet with challenges especially when it’s coming out from something other than your breast.


We love our baby bottles, but Baby loves it even more!

Cheryl Moana Marie

Recording Artist & Songwriter Cheryl Moana Marie has been heating up sound waves around the world with her record, "Reach Higher" that has airplay on radio stations in Albania, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia, Croatia, and Spain. She wrote, performed, produced and distributed the entire album under her Kauaiian Girl Record Label. A member of ASCAP, this sultry Hawaiian songstress has immersed herself in music since the age of five. Her journey has included being an Oakland Raiderette, On-Air Host for STARZ Movie Channel and Miss Asia USA. She’s done modeling campaigns and national commercials for some of the county’s most recognizable companies.  

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