Millennial Aunts And Uncles Seem To Be Pretty Obsessed With Their Nieces And Nephews

The bond is strong

We hear a lot of negative stuff about millennials. How they’re “ruining” everything, how they don’t or won’t “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” like generations did before them. They’re called vain, selfish, self-absorbed, and celebrity-obsessed. Millennials as a whole tend to get a pretty bad rap, and much of it is unfair! But one thing that generation is doing, and doing well, is dominating the aunt and uncle game. It seems like they have an obsession with their nieces and nephews, and the bond they share with their “niblings” is pretty amazing.

The millennial generation has waited longer to have their own children, but if they have siblings who have kids, chances are they’ve wholly embraced their role as aunt or uncle. We see it all over social media, among friends, and even in our own lives. Even celebrities tout the aunt/uncle relationship as the new “it” thing. I remember being the cool aunt to my own nieces, before I started having kids. It’s such a sweet bond, and it so much different than the bond between parent and child. But what is it about that relationship that make millennials so good at it?

Why are millennials so obsessed with their nieces and nephews?

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