Dedicated Midwife Who Helped Deliver Baby Is Basically Every Multi-Tasking Mom

When nature calls, it really calls, huh? Finding out we’re pregnant brings on so many emotions and questions that we pretty much can’t keep track of them all. One thing that’s sure to cross your mind is: what happens if I go into labor and I’m in the middle of doing something  important? My first son was delivered by the on call OB while wearing a tuxedo after he just got back from a wedding reception, and I think this may top that whole ordeal.

This Florida midwife deals with that thought every single day – after all, the job of delivering babies isn’t a 9-5 kinda thing. Delivering babies around the clock, she’s always on call. This time, things took a hilarious spin.

woman in labor
Credit: Shutterstock

See where this midwife was when the client went into labor!

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Allison Cooper

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