Mom Discovers Her Partner Cheated On Her With Her Midwife Just After Giving Birth

The Woman was Recovering from a C-Section When She was Told

When a woman is planning her birth, she wants to surround herself with people who love and support her, and will help her through the difficulties of child birth and recovery. Many women enlist the services of a midwife or doula during and after childbirth. Just having someone there, who’s dedicated to your needs and well-being through such an ordeal, can be so comforting. Plenty of women rely on their partners for this kind of support during labor and recovery. But what happens when the midwife and your partner are involved in an act of betrayal? And what happens when you don’t find out until AFTER the midwife has helped you through labor and delivery, and held your brand new baby?

A woman in the UK is living what sounds like an absolute nightmare, after discovering that her midwife and partner had a sexual affair while she was pregnant. To make matters worse (yes, it gets worse), mom learned about the affair after her c-section and recovery. Can you even imagine? Being betrayed by two people who are supposed to have your back, and then having to live with the memories of her involvement in the birth of your child?

This really does sound like the ultimate betrayal…

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