‘Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life’ (2016) Review: Fun Family Movie

Rafe is a middle schooler who loves to draw in his journal, he started a new school with this crazy obsessed rule-making principal. Who decided Rafes journal is not his “Code of Conduct ” book so he takes it away.

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Brooke at Middle School premiere
Credit: Brooke

Rafe declared war by playing all these funny n silly tricks on this uptight principal, even the school bully took part into helping Rafe.

This was a really great funny family kids movie that made light of how middle school can be.

Moms I give this movie a total: 5 out 5 Brookie Bows!

James Patterson
He is the writer of MiddleSchool Worst Years of my Life.

Andy Daly
He played the rule obsessed principal in the movie .

Jacob Hopkins
The middle school bully who in the end help Rafe out.

Griffin Gluck
He played Rafe, the main character who broke the Code of Conduct with his amazing drawing from his journal that he made came to life.

[ad type=”above-image-1″]Brooke at Middle School premiere

Brooke Juncaj

Brooke Juncaj (10) has always been a natural performer, her outgoing and charismatic personality make her a favorite on the red carpet! When she is not interviewing celebrities or backstage watching tv and movie screenings, Brooke loves traveling with her family, swimming, ballet, hiphop, jazz, and tap, she also loves playing soccer, and with her French Bulldog Riley.

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