Mom Has the Best Response to Middle School Principal’s Dress Code Policy

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures begin to soar and every parent begins to sweat, not just from the heat but because we all know our daughter’s are going to have to deal with the dreaded school dress code.

I say daughters because I have never, not once, heard of a boy being dress coded at school, which if you think seems unfair, that’s because it is.

I’m tired of hearing the excuses that kids need to adhere to dress codes, regardless of how archaic they are, because once they get in to the big bad world of jobs and responsibilities they’re going to need to follow dress codes.

One, these are kids, not adults heading off to work, so let’s stop treating them like they are, and two, I have never, ever had a dress code at any of the offices I’ve worked at. That argument is ridiculous and I’m so tired of hearing it because my daughter’s shoulders somehow offend you.

One mom is just as frustrated by dress code ‘violations’ that seem to only target our girls as I am, and wrote a pretty great letter to her daughter’s school principal to express her frustration.

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This is getting out of hand

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